Aartila Arabians

Blu's first time
mounted Under Saddle

Rani Maarvelous takes Blue
in an Open Show Halter Class

Riding and Learning with Jordan
in Western Dressage Clinic

Our Training ...

Building a solid foundation begins from birth.

Relaxation is the first step in building a solid foundation. Without relaxation, there is no constructive learning. Training a horse is a life-long journey. "Take the time it takes" is probably the most accurate way to describe how we do things at Aartila Arabians. Building a bond of trust, mutual respect & a healthy mind is accomplished well before any work under saddle ensues. It may take longer to get from ground to saddle, but I find that transferring lessons from the ground to the saddle is easier for the horse, and makes our work together actually go more smoothly. The horses are readily adaptable & trainable & prepared to move on in their training.

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