Aartila Arabians

Three of the Mares
turned out to pasture in May
-still covered by winter hair

The Horses ... of Aartila Arabians have been chosen from long-term breeding programs producing the type and characteristics that I admire and wish to create in my own horses. My main focus is on Crabbet lineage, but there is also a strong influence of Babson/Old Egyptian, and Malabar, and well-infused by Polish bloodlines.

This is a link explaining some very general differences in type.

This link explains some of the history and breeding of Polish lines.

This is a link to Crabbet lineage Information.

Link to Babson/Old Egyptian Information

Malabar lineage Informaion and History

My intent has been to produce and develop Arabians of classic type, temperament and trainability. You will find horses of excellent character, good-natured and athletically capable of performing well in a variety of disciplines from trail horse to show horse. The philosophy of Aartila Arabians is developing horses that fit the motto of "My Partner, My Friend" - so far, we are on the right track!

Marvelous Mister Mark - Arabian Stallion

Sheza Crown Juel - Arabian Mare

S Queen Noor - Arabian Mare

CTR Fourmile Holiday - Appaloosa Mare (1/4 Arabian)

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