Aartila Arabians

My brothers and me
Lena the Shetland Pony

Me on Jimmy
My own first horse!

Me and Jimmy
Still riding!

I have over four decades of horse loving experience, having started riding and being exposed to horses by the age of 3 or earlier. I was gifted my own first horse at the age of 8, started my first training endeavors while in middle school. I participated in 4-H, and the county fair, for several years, and minored in Equine Science in college. I started showing Open Shows with borrowed horses in my twenties, and moved on to showing horses of my own, as well as dabbling in Endurance/CTR competition. I have continued my equine education over the years with riding lessons, clinics, Equine Sports Massage certification, and loads of experience with many different breeds and types of horses. Using my years of acquired knowledge, I finally embarked upon the creation of my own breeding program in order to create and develop the type of horse I think an Arabian should be, and the type of horse I enjoy being around.

I worked as a Veterinary Assistant for several different veterinary clinics, both large & small animals, beginning as a teenager and off-and-on into my thirties. I have gained extensive knowledge in recognizing and treating wounds and illness.

1989 - 1996 ~ with a break ~ Attended the University of Wisconsin @ River Falls ~ earning my Bachelor's Degree in Biology, and minoring in Animal/Equine science, studying equine training/riding theories under the instruction of Larry Kasten, Dr. Sheila Schills, Dr. Peter Rain and many others. Riding opportunities included classes in Western Horsemanship (emphasis on reining), Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage & jumping. The theories instilled in me were a deep understanding and appreciation for the horse-handling philosophies of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. During this time, I was granted the opportunity to audit a clinic given by Ray Hunt on campus.

1998 Attended the Equissage (C) Certification program in the state of Virginia for Equine Sports Massage Therapy.

2006 Began my own Arabian breeding operation.

2013 Attended a riding clinic for Western Dressage/Biomechanics under the instruction of Jakki Ross.

2016 Attended Endurance Riding Basics Clinic through UMECRA

I have worked as a sales person in a pet store, a groomer, an animal caretaker and manager of an animal shelter. I have worked as a kennel attendant, a stall mucker, horse exerciser and groom for horses of a variety of breeds, including Quarter Horses, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, Appaloosas, and of course, Arabians, as well as many ponies, mixed-breeds, etc. I will continue to further my education with more clinics, competitions, the input of knowledgeable horse masters, experience, and many more opportunities that will have yet to present themselves!

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